Our Medical Director

David Ware, MD – Board Certified in Sleep Medicine

Based in Eunice, LA, Dr. Ware obtained both his Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees from Louisiana State University. Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Ware currently provides sleep study interpretation services for multiple sleep centers across the state of Louisiana. Dr. Ware has been a Diplomat for both the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Sleep Medicine for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Ware is a board-certified sleep physician offering initial consultations as well as telehealth sleep consultations for all patients referred to SSM-affiliated sleep centers. In addition to an initial sleep consultation, Dr. Ware can also provide:

  • ongoing sleep symptom management
  • equipment and supplies education
  • continued compliance monitoring

In partnership with SSM, Dr. Ware’s primary focus will be sleep medicine. For referring physicians, please know that your patients will remain YOUR PATIENTS – with ongoing updates and compliance reports provided to you as needed.

For referrals, please call 866-337-2536 or fax them to 866-639-6551.

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